19 November 2015

Considering pink fondly

This month's color for the ROY G BIV photo challenge (details at the end of the post) is pink. It's not a color I am particularly drawn to ~ or especially fond of ~ but I can't tell you how happy I have been working with these cheerful, bright peony images. After that horrible night in Paris last week, pink & all its associated "innocence" suddenly feels quite welcome.

The peony photos date to last May. I had taken them with this month's ROY in mind, but then completely forgot they existed until I stumbled across them a few weeks ago...a nice surprise in these ever-shorter days of fall. A miniature bouquet of peonies would have been perfect on the table with the dollhouse-sized china tea set (below), which we rediscovered when retrieving my daughter's dollhouse for my three-year-old niece recently. I must admit that I had an inordinate amount of fun arranging the furniture (as some of you may have seen on my Instagram page)...

Participants in the Corri La Vita run/walk event (devoted to raising awareness/money for breast cancer research & patients), wore a gorgeous, vibrant shade of pink this year...

And here are mockups for a few designs I've been working on in the studio...these were created with spring in mind. {The back-right one is also (hot) pink, but the color did not "translate" very well.}


My daughter's eighteenth birthday is tomorrow, and I have lots to do yet, but I will look forward to seeing everyone's pink over the weekend. Wishing you all happy pinkness in the meanwhile!

A few details in case you are not familiar with the
ROY G BIV  photo challenge ~ Artists Jennifer Coyne Qudeen 
& Julie Booth started this project a few years ago; each month
is devoted  to a different color of the rainbow. Since we have
already explored the seven "official" colors, we are spending the
rest of the year searching for some bonus colors. Everyone is
welcome to join in the search. Please visit Jennifer &
Julie's blogs for links to each month's participants.
 Guidelines are here.

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