23 September 2015

Last-day-of-summer Coke bottles on the first day of fall

Fall arrived in Florence this morning (10:22 to be exact). And somehow the rain clouds must have known how aptly their presence would underscore the transition from one season to the next.

It was hard to imagine that my daughter & I were sipping ice-cold Cokes in the sunshine yesterday. Though tonic water is the only soda I usually drink, I do love those classic glass bottles with the irresistible "embossed" text, and buying a six-pack has become a bit of an annual tradition. Funny how just a few sips every once in a while can transport me back to the days of swing sets & bicycles...

When I spotted the empty bottles earlier today I was inspired to photograph this symbol of summer juxtaposed against the autumn-gray sky. And soafter an unexpectedly/unanticipatedly long absenceI return once again to Blogland.

As autumn routines resume, I hope to begin doing the rounds—saying hello & catching up on some of what I have missed these last several months. In the meanwhile, Happy Equinox to all of you :)

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