31 December 2016

Daily Measures XII

We've had a beautiful last day of 2016 in Florence, and the studio was full of sunshine this afternoon. I thought I would share an image I posted to Instagram today since it shows where my "Daily Measures" project has ended up.

As the year progressed, I realized that (as simple as my daily practice was) the monthly making/setting up of the booklet had become an impediment; if I began the month without preparing the pages, the strips would accumulate with nowhere to go. By the time summer arrived, with family visiting & traveling, I had gotten off-track. Saving papers to use for each daily "story line" had become second nature, though, so I came up with the idea of weaving them. First in the orderly fashion of some of my past paper weavings, but once the busy summer was over the concept started to reflect the pre-launch period for Studio Milledisegni (which was insanely crazy for me), the weavings became looser/less orderly...

Then, as I was completing my series of paper designs for Studio Milledisegni, I got the idea to use a month's-worth of strips to create a small-scale paper chain for our little lemon balm "tree" (shown in the image above). At the beginning of December it was still covered with fresh leaves, but they began to fall part way through the month, slowly making way for the ever-growing chain. 

I love the shadows (and the "chaos" they create on the wall), though this does make it somewhat hard to differentiate between the branches/twigs and the shadows they cast. On the note of chaos, this is probably the word that best defines 2016 for me. Likely for that reason, a sense of "calm" has been my quest as I take a break over the holidays. And this is what inspired our Christmas tree this year. After removing the copper leaves with the words my daughter & I had chosen last Christmas (described partway through this post, and which we will hang on the olive tree at the rose garden), we decorated the LED-lit branches with clear glass balls + crystal chandelier bits & pieces. Its mingling of simplicity & exuberance brings me joy every time I look at it. And I love how the sunshine mixes with the crystals, scattering "rainbows" everywhere during the hours of light...

I wish you a lovely last day of 2016 
...and may your 2017 begin in joy!


  1. une belle et heureuse 2017! biz

    1. Merci, Elfi...and the same to you!
      - Lisa

  2. Your simple tree is stunning! I've not seen clear glass Christmas balls like those here in the UK and will search for next year. I can well imagine the lights they reflect ... beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Margaret! I ordered the glass balls from Amazon Italia, and just had a quick look on Amazon UK to see if they have them as well. Mine are 6cm, sold in sets of 12, but all I can find on Amazon UK is 8cm spheres packaged in sets of 6:
      (It says they'll be in stock again later this month.)
      Originally I thought we might put something inside them (glitter or "words" or ???) but found them to be perfect just as they are...especially with the ever-changing reflections/colors. There are lots of possibilities though!
      - Lisa


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