27 July 2014

Signed, sealed & delivered

Countless cubes and months later, my title for BookArtObject Edition #4, Mise en place, has finally been designed, printed, scored, trimmed, folded, packaged up & sent into the world.

The process of creating a finished book from that first tiny seed of an idea is always quite an undertaking. I was grateful for the loose deadline afforded by BAO; though I feel I somewhat abused it, the piece was able to take as long as it needed to find its natural conclusion.

I finished production of the BAO edition just before leaving for the US in early June, and decided I might as well send them from there since the recipients in my BAO group all live in North America. But I didn't actually manage to get them mailed until the day I flew back to Italytoo much going on, and too many people & places to see! Everyone should have received them by now, so here are some photos...

The image above shows what each artist in my group would have found once they loosened the kitchen string used to tie up the small package. (The wrapping is one of those papers encasing the odd orange here in Italy; these are always kind of special to find, so I collect them.) I also included a note written on a flat card printed with the pomegranate that appears on the first/largest little booklet-cube in the set. Via email each artist received instructions on how to assemble the accordion-folded booklets into a set of four gradated cubes ranging from 5x5x5 to 8x8x8 centimeters (just under 2" to a little over 3").

I am continuing to sort through the notes I kept during the project, so more on the process/evolution/method/mediaplus photos of the cubes assembled——yet to come...


  1. Wonderful work - so creative and original!

    1. Thanks so much, Sharmon! Soon I hope to have some more photos & an explanation of how it all came about... It's been hard to sum up such a long period spent working on a project!
      - Lisa


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