08 December 2012

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas - Updated

Although the calendar says it's still autumn, there is no doubt that we've already entered winter. Yesterday's steady drizzle brought a brief spell of snow flakes, and this morning we woke to clear skies that revealed snow blanketed hills north of the city. The air is bitingly cold, and smells like Christmas...and the mosquitoes finally seem to be gone. I can't believe it's already time to fare l'albero—decorate the tree—a ritual observed on the eighth of December in Italy. Coinciding with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, this reminds me, once again, of how traditions/schedules are so often organized around the religious calendar.

Before assembling our 'tree' (shown in the image at the top of this postlooking up from underneath...it's very difficult to photographyou can read here about its 'conception' last December), my daughter and I went out to get some apple juice so we could make spiced cider tonight. Walking around Florence may be chilly at this time of year, but the cheerful decorations make even a simple outing feel magical. I brought along my camera, hoping to photograph some of the streets strung with lights, but the 'fresh' battery I thought I'd put in was in fact so low on charge that I only managed to get two pictures before it quit (above is Ponte Vecchio, and below the cathedral). At least they will remind me of our fun walk under the lights, complete with a few dozen random snow flakes (especially surprising since the stars were still visible!).


I have been busy in the studio, tying up loose ends for some of the year's many projects—including a couple of 2013 calendars. Below are a few images of my Rose Garden-inspired calendar, which will be in my online shop in the coming week now! It's been hard to get decent photos of the things I've been working on since there's been little sun lately—even on days when there is sunshine, it reaches into the studio for just a few hours. Thankfully the days will start getting 'longer' in a mere couple of weeks...though I must admit that I'm finally starting to remember just how wonderful December in Florence can be...


  1. Hi Lisa-Isn't it amazing how the projects seem to pile up at the end of the year? Maybe it's juggling the usual and then adding holidays on top of it. Florence this time of year sounds lovely and exciting! I plan to read more about your "tree"...oh to have a glimpse into your mind where all those creative ideas are hatched! --Julie

    1. Hi Julie - yes, the projects that were conceived at the beginning of the year are piled up - all over the place (literally)! I'm afraid I can't use the holidays as an excuse, as we keep things pretty low-key...maybe it's partly due to an exuberant tendency to follow too many ideas at once? I still have faith that, one day, everything will come together...
      - Lisa

    2. Yes, I understand about that "following too many ideas at once"! However, you seem to actually follow through on so many of them!

    3. Hi again, Julie - I'm glad it feels that way to someone! I suppose we should give ourselves more credit, but we each know just how many ideas are floating around in our heads, as yet unacknowledged. Sometimes I think it will drive me crazy...but it can be useful to look back and see how much one has managed to pull off.
      - Lisa


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