21 July 2012

Finding yellow

Once again, a monthly challenge proposed by two US-based artists, Jennifer Coyne Qudeen and Julie Booth, has inspired me to gather a selection of photos: July's color is 'YELLOW'.

I've seen acres and acres of sunflowers this month—a subject at once seasonally & geographically fitting for the YELLOW theme—but I wasn't able to photograph them. Instead, I returned to my stash of Venice photos. In fact, one of the two-page spreads in an artist's book I made earlier this year features dashes of yellow, and its images served as my starting point. From the vaporetto stops (and their reflections in the lagoon) to the yellow buildings, masks and boats—plus all of the gold that attracts and reflects the sun, on both water, glass and metal—Venice is rich in golden shades.

* * *

Life seems to be moving too quickly to keep up with writing about it these days! After a fun trip up north with my daughter, I had a solitary creative retreat of sorts while she went to visit her Dad. I always miss her good company & youthful energy when she's away, but it was a perfect chance to catch up/recalibrate in the studio. There are several blog entries in the works but, true to the original premise of 'Arzigogolare', they keep growing. I hope to share more soon...

{Please see the guidelines here if you'd like to participate in the color-themed photo challenge in future. August's color will be 'GREEN'.}


  1. All I can say is....gorgeous! It's so interesting to see how different yellow can look. You have certainly captured a very earthy yellow. So glad you decided to participate!

  2. Thanks for having a look, Julie - and for the perfect 'excuse' to revisit my Venice photos again. Looking forward to green next month...
    - Lisa

  3. What beautiful Yellow! Oh so lovely photos

    1. Thanks, Kim! I was surprised how often I stumbled into 'yellow' while visiting Venice...it still makes me smile to see the photos.
      - Lisa


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